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Here is some Higher Thinking for you to think about!

Higher Thinking
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When thinking about high places think about Mt. Everest because it is the highest peak in the world at 29,035 feet.

The Tibetan name for Mount Everest is Chomolungma or Qomolangma - meaning "Mother of the Universe.” In the 1960s, the Government of Nepal gave the mountain an official Nepali name: Sagarmatha, meaning "Head of the Sky". Most will still think that Mt. Everest is the easiest to say and remember.

The atmospheric pressure at the top of Everest is about a third of sea level pressure, meaning there is about a third as much oxygen available to breathe as at sea level making it very hard to think. In fact, many climbers have such a difficult time even thinking at that elevation that it leads to injuries and fatalities.

-More than 145 people have died since 1973 trying to climb Everest.   

One way of thinking of higher consciousness is spiritual/mystical awareness.

-There are many ways of thinking to achieve higher states of consciousness. One way is to think of meditation as Buddhists do.

-Tibetan Buddhists live the Himalayan region making them a people doing some higher thinking


Some people think of using marijuana to do ‘higher thinking.’
In fact, more than 83 million Americans (37 percent) age 12 and older think about trying marijuana at least once, according to the 2001 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse.

Many people think marijuana should be legalized.
Law makers don’t think this is a good idea and present data that keeps people thinking marijuana is harmful. An example of such data to think about is in 2001, marijuana was a contributing factor in more than 110,000 emergency department visits in the United States, with about 15 percent of the patients between the ages of 12 and 17.
Many people think marijuana is the best medicine for pain, some eating disorders, stress and anger.
A lot of people also think other ‘recreational’ drugs can be used to achieve a ‘form’ of higher thinking. The acid tests of the 1960s was an experimental study to observe the effects LSD had on people. One objective of the tests were to see how it effected a person’s way of thinking. Think about this! LSD was legal in the United States until October 6, 1966.
-The Grateful Dead, a San Francisco area based band, played their form of psychedelic rock for the ‘subjects’ while they ‘tripped’ on the LSD during the “Kool-Aid’ tests.
-Fans all over the world think The Grateful Dead is the best band of all time and ‘Dead-Heads’ are thought of as the most dedicated fans in the world.

Think about this! The Grateful Dead began as The Warlocks, a group formed from the remnants of a Palo Alto jug band called Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions. But as another band was already recording under the "Warlocks" name, the band had to change its name in order to get a recording contract. Think if there were a mass of people called Warlock Heads...
Think you know the highest point in the United States? Don’t forget to think about Alaska because Mount McKinley, Alaska is the highest point in the U.S. and Mount Whitney, California is the highest point in the ‘lower 48.’

-Winter Park, Colorado is the highest elevated town in the U.S. therefore, the students of Winter Park High School must be practicing‘higher thinking.’

www.reallyhighthinking.com is available!

Elevate your thinking and find a way to use it!

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